Liberty Minute 10 28 2020

Socialism is NOT freedom yet this is how the left is ushering in socialism and stripping your freedom often with your blessing, based on fear. Fear is the opposite of freedom.Liberty Minute 10 28 - Liberty is Not Socialism Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Bitchute and Rumble channels coming soon.

Everything Is Political

Read Full Article at Rod Eccles dot Net There has been a lot of talk of late about how it seems so much of our everyday life has been drafted into the political arena. Even Rush Limbaugh has mentioned this numerous times on his syndicated radio program. The sad fact is this is true. But … Continue reading Everything Is Political


I have been silent. I have been silent long enough. I have been silent for too long. Covid-19 has forced me into silence, so I tell myself.  But that is not the whole truth. The whole truth is I was tired.  I was mentally drained. I was shut down by social media. I almost gave … Continue reading Silent

It’s Late

I didn't fully understand what being conservative was or meant back then.  But I do remember my professors telling me what I should think.  I even had an English professor tell me I should have been grateful for having been assigned my term paper topic.  My topic was on a black man named Arna Bontemps.