The Conspiracy of US

I ask you, when in human history has more government meant more individual freedom? Yet they tell us that those who argue for small government and more personal freedom are nothing more than bigots, racists, greedy and self centered. My mom always told me to watch out for those who accuse you of things because it means it is exactly what they really are and wish to hide.

I want Congress to take away my Health Insurance

Obama is a 12 year old brat. During the State of the Union, Obama made mention that this was his last two years in office. The Republicans applauded that. Well, so did a majority of Americans, if you follow the polls. But instead of being an adult and Presidential, this man-child had to respond by saying, "I should know, I won both elections."

The Sadness of Freedom

If you ever listened to my talk show, then you will know I always tell stories of how things are. I always give real world examples via a story that connects to my main point. Its a way to help people get a visual and fully understand the topic to which I am addressing. This is no different. So read all the way through.