Sitting On The American Balcony

Sitting on the American Balcony

By Rod Eccles

I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the very blue Caribbean waters on a very large ship.  I am on a 7 day voyage also known as a cruise.  Now I am not trying to brag, just set the tone.

On this ship there are some 4,000 plus passengers.  These passengers are from all around the world.  I have met and spoken with folks from Canada, Barbados, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and a few other places.

The ship is staffed with an even greater diversity of people from Asia, India (which is technically part of Asia) Africa, UK and America.  The Captain of this enormous ship is American.

What I see as I walk, talk, meet and interact with all of these people is the striking realization that everyone is getting along.  Everyone is having a good time.  Most are friendly and look you in the eye when you greet them.

Now you might think that is all great and stuff and then you may ask what does this have to do with politics.

Let me tell you what it has to do with politics, especially politics in the United States of America.

You see, it seems that many people are not short on their opinions about the political climate within the USA.

You may be saying, who cares what all those non-Americans think about our politics, right.

You would be surprised to learn how much their opinions actually mirror the politics of the America Right.

Yes, I said the American Right.

You would also be surprised to hear how many of these folks who come from Liberal or Socialist leaning countries value the freedom we here in the USA enjoy.  Even when they can’t enjoy those same freedoms in their home nation.

You would also be surprised at how many of them feel that the American people made a number of political mistakes.  Not in our policy both domestic and foreign as such.  But who we elect.

I found out first hand that the world is NOT enamored with our current president, Barack Obama.  Yea, the media would have you believe and think otherwise but that is not the truth.  At least with the people I have interacted with.  They believe we made a mistake electing him.

They also believe we are about to make another huge mistake with the possibility of electing Hillary Clinton.

I met two couples from Canada.  One I met because they are my dinner mates.  We sit at the same table for dinner nightly.  I even had a long conversation with them over coffee.  Both couples love their native land of Canada.  Neither of them like their current leader Mr. Trudeau.

Surprisingly, they both like Donald Trump.

During our conversation, I began to understand how who we elect directly and indirectly affects them and their country.  Many others have said basically the same thing.

As I often say, and as these two couples confirmed, all is not rosy in the Great White Socialist North.  They have seen the Canadian Dollar continue to slide against the US Dollar.  Currently for every dollar we have here in the USA, Canadians need $1.30.

That difference makes it a lot more expensive for Canadians both at home and when they travel abroad.   The one thing they note, however, is that Obama has saved the Canadian currency.

I asked how that could be if they thought we made a mistake in electing him.  Their response was eye opening.

Their response was that because Obama is so bad on economic policy that he has actually propped up the Canadian dollar.  In other words, if we had a good and solid president with good and solid domestic policy, the Canadian dollar could be much weaker.

The problem they see is basically what we seem to be heading for.  Socialism.  Too many Canadians fell for the “FREE” stuff.  They did not fully understand what it would actually cost them.

Canadian health care is not what it’s cracked up to be.  Canadian higher education falls far short of world standards and indeed, many Canadian students seek American colleges and Universities even when the tuition in Canada is usually zero.  So much for FREE College.

Although Canadian income taxes are not really all that high, the total tax burden on Canadians is much higher than here in the USA.  Don’t forget, Canada has a national sales tax at about 18%.  And it’s a tax on almost everything.

They see Hillary as a huge problem for Canada and believe that if we elect her, Canada will end up suffering.

I had to inform them, as bad as it might get for Canada, it will get a lot worse for us here in the USA.

Just about everyone I spoke to agrees.

Too bad our media can’t seem to understand that.


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