Good vs. Evil

Good vs Evil

By Rod Eccles

There is a new hit TV show on network television.  Many of you have probably seen a few episodes.  Even I have watched it with earnest.  The Orville.  It is basically a new version of Star Trek.  This version, however, is not created by the famous Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame.

Reviewing the credits, it does not appear that any of the major talent behind the various Star Trek series are in involved.  But the same theme of humans coming together and forsaking Capitalism and Religion are there.

This space odyssey incarnation is created by and the far reaching space ship is helmed by comedian Seth McFarlane.  Even if you do not know him, you do know his “work”.  Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dan on the small screen.  Ted and Ted 2 on the big screen.

What do all of these programs have in common?  Making fun of those on the right side of the political aisle.  Making fun of religion, especially Christianity.  The promotion of perverse lifestyles including free form sexual acts.

The Orville is no exception.  So far in this inaugural season, Mr. McFarlane has made fun of Capitalism and religion, especially Christianity.  In one episode, a senior officer makes light of the fact that when civilizations take to the stars, science becomes preeminent and civilizations toss aside religion and God.

All but one civilization.  They clung to their religion and to their god.  Is it any surprise that this civilization is the mortal enemy of the Union of Planets all of which have discarded their gods.  It goes deeper than this.  The very foundation of this religion of the enemy is eerily similar to that of the religion of the Jew and Christian.

This is what so many believe to be a utopia.  A planet united with other planets that shun capitalism, religion and true reason.  They embrace, instead, a new god…science.  Not science as what is present within the pages of religious texts such as the bible, but science devoid of God, a Creator, an intelligent being.

Interesting, however, that with all of the popular utopia based science fiction, there is still war and danger and evil. Good Evil

Although those who believe in a utopia still understand that there is evil in the world, in the universe that must be faced and defeated.  And it must be defeated by war if necessary.

Funny how they embrace this truth but when you say that there is evil today, evil people today, they claim you and I are bigots.  There is no right or wrong.

My question to Mr. McFarlane and all his ilk is this.  If there is no right and no wrong then how can you make tv shows and movies continually that have the main theme as good vs evil?

The truth is, we all know what is right and what is wrong.  The difference is that some of us ignore these truths while others face these truths head on.

We take on evil in our government, in our states, in our counties, in our municipalities, in our neighborhoods.  We meet it head on.  We fight to vote it out.  We fight to find it and lock it in jail.  We seek to tame it in our culture.

Although it may seem we are losing the war of good vs evil, I can tell you that evil can win battles but it cannot and will not win the war.

There is good and evil in the world, in the universe.  Good men and women will always stand against this evil.

In the end, and we all know what the end of the story is, good shad defeat evil and good shall reign.

Never stop fighting for good.

True and righteous good.



Rod Eccles is the host of a fast growing, syndicated radio talk show, The Rod Eccles Show.  He is also an in demand key note speaker having already given addresses all over the country.  He delivers his wit, wisdom, truth and logic daily via the Zinc Media Arts group.  You can listen to Rod at his website  The show airs live weekday mornings 9am to noon eastern time.

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