Congress Take Away My Health Insurance

I want Congress to take away my Health Insurance.  Really.

Originally Published March 2015

By Rod Eccles


Here it is.  The end of another January.  The latest State of the Union Speech has come and gone.  And as usual, at least with this president, we saw and heard a big child giving a demanding speech about what he thinks must be done, what he won’t allow and so on and so forth.

I hear so much about how well this current president has done, is doing and how well his speech is received by the American people.  So much so that his poll numbers are up, way up.  And if you read the comments online or read the articles in the newspapers, you would get the impression people think the president is doing a bang up job on the economy and everyone loves their new health insurance.

OK, cue the record being scratched.  Yea we have heard that song before.  But then when you get over the warm and fuzzy feeling, you start to look around.  You start to look at all the individual Government issues numbers and all the individual polls taken out there in poll taking land.Obamacare Shot

You start to scratch your head and wonder, if so many people are still unemployed, if salaries still are far behind where they should be, if the cost of health insurance has gone up for a majority of families, how is it the media is saying everyone is happy and thinks the president is doing a bang up job?

Then you read some of the comments online.  One person went so far as to say, “The American people already regret electing Republicans to control Congress”  I have to scratch my head and ask, how can one even think that, let alone say it, when the Republicans have not been charge for even a week he wrote those words?

You see when you take a look at the actual numbers, the facts and you present them to people, if they are really rational and have a tiny bit of logic in their system, they begin to see that all is not right with the Obama world.

“We can’t put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance…or refighting past battles on immigration when we’ve got a system to fix.”  Those words uttered by President Obama in his latest State of the Union address.  The problem is, families are at risk now because of his health insurance law.  And the government numbers tell us that.  The average family will now spend $4,000 or more PER year above and beyond what they spent two years ago just to have health insurance.  That is 4 Grand per year.  That is enough to put a family at risk don’t you think?

He is so high and mighty that he won’t refight a battle on immigration?  RE-FIGHT?   So just because Obama decides that immigration needs to be changed (not fixed) he won’t “entertain” talking about it?  Who does he think he is?  First, if the man would only follow the current law, we would have far less issues with illegal immigration.  If he and Congress would move their butts and make sure the fence gets built along the border with Mexico, we would have far less issues.  If we stopped letting illegals get government assistance and funding, we would have far less issues.

You see if we just followed the law, we would have far less issues.  But there is the rub.  Following the law.  Obama has shown time and time again that he doesn’t think he has to follow the law.  He thumbs his nose at the law and then dares anyone to challenge him on it.  When someone does, he whines like a little child and cries.

Yes, Obama is a 12 year old brat.  During the State of the Union, Obama made mention that this was his last two years in office.  The Republicans applauded that.  Well, so did a majority of Americans, if you follow the polls.  But instead of being an adult and Presidential, this man-child had to respond by saying, “I should know, I won both elections.”

Now sure, he was right in what he said.  He did win two elections over Republican challengers.  But you would think he just said the cleverest thing to put those nasty Republicans in their place.  Well he actually looked and sounded like a childish fool.  Could you imagine the outrage if it were President George Bush reacting this way towards Democrats?  There would be hell to pay.

But this guy gets a pass at all his childish behavior.  He whines about what other presidents have done but never takes credit for mistakes he makes.  Oh but Obama will take credit for things he had no hand in or he takes credit when things happen for the better that he fought tooth and nail on.  Say lower gas prices.  Yes this guy is taking credit for low gas prices when he has done everything in his power to make sure the prices stay high.  In fact he even promised gas and electric prices would rise if he was elected president.  People seem to forget that.

This man-child does have two years left in office.  I am not sure I can wait that long.  But that is how our system works.  We have an election cycle that we must follow.  At least so far, that is one part of the law Obama has not been able to change or bend.

So in two or three years, because I honestly don’t think this Congress will take Obama on, we will have the chance to actually repair the damage this current president has causes.  In two or three years I should be able to look at my President and say “Mr. President, will you and Congress please take away my health insurance?  You see, if you take it away, then get out of the way, I will be able to get something better, that I want and need and can use, at a lower cost.  Just like before you gave me my health insurance.  Can you do that for a brutha?”



Rod Eccles is the host of a fast growing, syndicated radio talk show, The Rod Eccles Show.  He is also an in demand key note speaker having already given addresses all over the country.  He delivers his wit, wisdom, truth and logic daily via the Zinc Media Arts group.  You can listen to Rod at his website  The show airs live weekday mornings 9am to noon eastern time.


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