The Conspiracy Of US

The Conspiracy of US.   Originally published March, 2015

By Rod Eccles

Are we are own Conspiracy?

Sometimes you can see America as it used to be in television shows. I’m not talking about the shows filmed back in the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t mean the Ozzy and Harriet shows or the Leave it To Beaver programs.

I mean modern programs like Mad Men. This is a nontraditional television show on a non-traditional cable network. Yes I like the drama, the plot and the characters. But that is not what strikes a chord with me.

You see, Mad Men is also like a canceled show called Home Front that ran on ABC from 2001 to 2003. Mad Men is like Band of Brothers which ran on HBO and was produced by Tom Hanks. Mad Men was not at all like TV show such as the reality crap we have now or the Showtime series of Queer as Folk or the L Word.

Even the very popular program of Walking Dead is more in line with Mad Men than most of the programs we have on our flat screens today.

Where am I going with this, you may be asking. Its simple. America has lost its way. It did not lose its way because it wanted to do so. We were dragged onto the lost road by the minority class we call the Progressives. Otherwise (aka) knows as (8)

Sure someone from the outside looking in from say Mars or Uranus or even Alpha Centauri, would think that term Liberal would mean more freedom, less government. They would be wrong.

Back on earth we are told by these people, to the contrary of fact, government statistics that they created, public opinion and logic, that their way is the best way. That MORE government is what we need to be free.

I ask you, when in human history has more government meant more individual freedom? Yet they tell us that those who argue for small government and more personal freedom are nothing more than bigots, racists, greedy and self-centered. My mom always told me to watch out for those who accuse you of things because it means it is exactly what they really are and wish to hide.

You see, here is what I have found out. Me an African/American – Cherokee/American man has figured out. Liberals belong to a particular party. This party is steeped in political history that goes farther back than the founding of the United States of America.

download (9)Yes this political party is also an economic party. They have always had certain economic beliefs and those beliefs always meant that some group was left out or was meant to do the hard labor for them. Oh sure they try to hide and mask this historical fact, but it is there for anyone to see and find out.

This party got its start in the USA as the Democratic/Republican party. Yes, indeed. I bet you did not know that today’s two parties were actually one party way back in the day.

They split obviously. They split because there was a faction of that original party that thought slavery was good and a faction that said slavery was bad. The side that said slavery was good went on to become known as the Democratic Party. The side that said slavery was bad, was known as the General Opposition Party (GOP) or Republican.

Yes that Democratic Party went on to try to split from the Union that was the USA back in the day, mainly because they believed that slavery was an economic right and needed to continue in order for a few white families to prosper. Sounds a lot like today’s maligned rich people doesn’t it?

Black people were thought of as property back then. Much like people think of their dog, their cat or their horse as property today. Actually, people treat their dog, cat and horse much better than blacks were treated back then. Blacks were not fully human. Its right there in our original Constitution. Put there by people who populated the Democratic side of the party.

They believed so much and so hard that they were right, on the slavery issue, that they were willing to go to war over it. Sure there were other important factors that lead up to the Civil War, but make no mistake, slavery was one of those (10)

So Democrats were willing to risk their lives to protect keeping other humans as property, as pets. And Republicans thought such a thing was repulsive and un-Godly and needed to be stomped out.

Even after the Democrats lost the Civil War, they continued to perpetuate their belief that Blacks and other people of color were less than human. They blocked Civil Rights for over 100 years. Rights that actually the Constitution and the Bill of Rights already said people of color had.

But it had to be clarified. It had to be written in specific language that even a Democrat could understand once and for all with no wiggle room.

And yet we have white Democrats screaming that it is Republicans that are racists and bigots. Remember earlier, when I said my mom warned me of folks who screamed accusations to hide the fact that it was they who were what they called others? Yea, it applies in this case, too.

Let me bring this into modern times for you. Democrats claim that they are for the common man because they want the rich man to pay his “fair share” of taxes. While they claim this, it is interesting to note that Democrats have raised the tax rates on the poor and middle class far more often than Republicans. In fact in the last 50 years, Republicans have cut tax rates for all including the poor and middle class.

But I digress

While Democrats during that same time period raised tax rates every chance they got. You see, the Democrats say one thing, but do another. By the way, do we know of another entity that acts in a similar fashion? Yes we do. Christians call him Satan.

But I digress.

Democrats claim they want people to be more secure, safer. Yet they want to release convicted criminals early from prison, take away your right to defend yourself, your family and your property and blame some crime on the very conditions they fostered in the first place.

We see Democratic rule all over this country that has left a wasteland. Detroit for example. Where you would be hard pressed to see Republican wastelands anywhere in the USA. The poorest states in the Union tend to be run mostly by Democrats. The highest taxed states are run by Democrats. The highest unemployment states are run by Democrats. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

My Mother is Right.

My point is, if my mother is right, and all good moms are right. If my mom is right about people who blame others for what they really and truly are, then why would you think Liberals of the Democratic Party are any different? After all, they are calling you the bigot, the racist, the greedy money hogging pig. I guess that is why Democrats are the home of the KKK and Skin Heads, 8 out of 10 of the wealthiest people in Congress, develop more rules and regulations than anyone else and strip you of your liberty faster than anyone else in our nation’s (12)

Yup, if you want high taxes, expanding poor class, lower wages, higher unemployment, more regulation and less personal freedom, racism and cultural divide, then the Democratic Party is your choice. But if that is your choice, own up to it and don’t try to blame the rest of us for being what you really are. If you despise yourself, then fix yourself. Stop pointing a finger at the rest of us. Own up to it. After all, it’s who you chose to be.


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