By Rod Eccles

As I write this, it’s the beginning of the weekend.  An American weekend.  It’s not the heart of summer.  It’s not a holiday.  But it’s a celebration in any event.

It’s an American weekend.  Americans will be out mowing their laws, doing maintenance on their homes, working on their cars, spending time with family, friends and neighbors.  Maybe even going to a party or a bar or night club.

Yes it’s an American weekend.

We celebrate our hard work week that has ended.  We forget, if only for two days, the troubles of the past week.  We indulge our fantasies whatever they may be.  We are happy.

An American weekend means freedom to some degree.  Freedom from work.  Freedom for bills we may be having trouble paying.  Freedom to worship as we please or not please.  Freedom to sleep late.  Freedom to stay up late.  We celebrate freedom.

An American weekend is like no other in the world.

Study after study after study says that Americans typically work longer hours during the week than any other nation on the planet.  We slave at our jobs or we fret over looking for a new job.  We get up early, we stay up late.  Not because we want to but because its our job or our duty.

Many enjoy their work.  Many do not.  Many think about changing their work.  Many look forward to their next promotion in their current work.

When Americans work, we work.  And we work hard and we tend to work long.  It doesn’t matter if you are salaried or hourly.  You work.

Some would think that this is slavery.  But we work towards a goal.  A goal of our choosing.  Its our goal.  Each individual.  And nobody can tell us how to achieve that goal.

You know the sayings.  Put your head down and work.  Keep your nose to the grindstone.  Get ‘er done.

Some of think we give our lives to our work and for some that may be true.  During the week it’s all we think about.  It’s all we talk about.  Even when we get home at night.  The conversation around the dining table is centered on work.

We lose ourselves in our work all too often.  Sometimes that work gets in the way of family life.  It can hinder family and friend relationships.  It can cause friction with those who are not as dedicated as you.

Yes, during the week we may struggle and labor.  It may be a labor of love or a labor of convenience or even a labor of hate, but we labor anyway.

But the weekend.  Ah the weekend is all ours.

Americans can weekend harder than anyone on the planet.  Whole businesses are dedicated to the weekender.  Some businesses are only open on the weekends.  From Friday night to Sunday evening, they are open to ensure that this and every weekend is an American weekend.

What do Americans celebrate on weekends?  It is always summed up in one word.  A word that is universal.  A word that at least half of the world population would do anything to experience.  That word is FREEDOM.

An American weekend is a celebration of freedom.

Not just on Memorial Day.  Not just on the Fourth of July.  Not just on Labor Day or Veterans Day or Thanksgiving Day or Christmas or New Year’s Day.  But every weekend.

But Americans know there is a threat to this freedom.  We note the politicians and bureaucrats that want to take our weekends away.  They want to raise our taxes to such levels as to force us to actually work on our weekends to make ends meet.

These politicians and bureaucrats want to tell us how to celebrate our weekends by introducing laws and regulations that prevent us from grilling outside, from planting and tending a garden on our own property, raising our gasoline tax so we cant afford to take that wonderful weekend trip to the lake or ocean.

If we make it to the lake or ocean, they want to charge us outrageous entrance or usage fees.  And if you are a weekend shopper, try parking without getting a ticket in your downtown area.

Big government doesn’t like the weekend.  Big government wants you to work.  Slave.  For them and them only.

Want to work on your house this weekend by expanding or doing certain repairs?  Better make sure you have the proper permits in which you have to pay for.  If you don’t, a government agent could show up and throw a thunderstorm on your weekend.

But Americans don’t like it when somebody tries to rain on their weekend.  It’s the only time that is truly all their own.  Americans usually resist when politicians, bureaucrats and big government agents want to ruin their weekend.

Americans love their weekend.  And anyone who says the same and wants you to fully enjoy your weekend usually gets the votes of other weekend lovers.


Because the weekend represents freedom and Americans love their freedom.

Americans love their weekends.

Americans love the American Weekend.


Rod Eccles is the host of a fast growing, syndicated radio talk show, The Rod Eccles Show.  He is also an in demand key note speaker having already given addresses all over the country.  He delivers his wit, wisdom, truth and logic daily via the Zinc Media Arts network.  You can listen to Rod at his website rodeccles.net.  The show airs live weekday mornings 9am to noon eastern time.

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