The World Will End

This is for my White Supremacist followers. You are not superior.  You are super foolish.  You have let the people whom you hate, despise, take advantage of, surround you. The world was born out of Africa and the Middle East yet you think you are better.  You are not.

Kings rose in Africa and the Middle East while you huddled in caves.  Great civilizations arose while you skirmished for scraps to survive.  When you finally had the power, you destroyed the knowledge that came from the Dark Continent.

You burned libraries.  You destroyed Kingdoms of knowledge.  And you descended into the darkness we call the Dark Ages.   And after disease ravaged your population, you brought those diseases to the far corners of the world.

You brought about two World Wars in one century.  You spread your lies and deceit the world over, toppling good governments as well as the bad all so you could control the natural resources of the region.

But you think you had us down.  By us, I mean those who are not white.  You thought you conquered.  You thought you ruled.  Yet you invite your own destruction and the only ones who don’t know it are White Supremacists.

You have INVITED your destroyers into your lands as if to repeat the legend of Troy.  You invite the Middle East into your lands and they are devouring you.  You invite the heathen from South and Central America into your land and they are devouring you.

The nations of Africa are on the rise and the Far East has nearly matched your so-called technological advantage.  You now buy your technology that they produce.  They copy, they infect and they distribute to you.  And you are willing to pay top dollar.

The Far East has risen to a point that they are ready to pounce.  The Colored people of the world are ready to pounce on the so-called White World.

You can sit on your toilet thrown and believe you are superior and you will be eliminated.  For in this world, the White Man is the minority and the Colored World is regaining its lost knowledge.

A massive lighting strike of reckoning is coming!

Do you wish to be a part of a better world?  If so, you must drop this superiority complex and embrace every man as your brother.

You soon will have no other choice.

I’m Bringing The Rain.

4 thoughts on “The World Will End

  1. Have you ever met a white supremacist? I haven’t, at least knowingly. If they do exist in such a big number they must be pretty quiet & mind their own business because I live in the south and have my whole life, and have never come across anyone who holds white supremacy as a philosophy.

    • You must not get out much. White Supremacist are not just KKK and Skin Heads. Anyone who (doesnt have to be white BTW) who thinks the “races” should not mix is a supremacist. And yes there are a lot of people who think like Nazi Germans. I have a few that remind me all the time on Social Media platforms like

      • I get out too much actually and in fact I talk to people for a living;
        This whole obsession with race baiting and the suggestion that “white supremacy” (no one says that anymore) is an actual pressing issue society faces is absolutely laughable.
        If you really think that people trolling racist shit at you on the internet is a symptom of a sick, racist nation then try being a homo in Pakistan for a day.

  2. Wow, as a syndicated talk show host and national speaker, I have heard some crap in my day but you are right up there with the best of them. As a black man married to a white woman, I can tell you that you are soooo out of touch it’s unbelievable. And then to pull in like gay people (not homo because it’s a slur and that makes you part of the problem) in a Muslim nation is just beyond the pale. No, America, in general, is not racist. Hence my opening paragraph “to my white supremacists followers”. You see, like you, they are also out of touch, living a lie and need a reality check.

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