The World Is Watching

The World is watching.  I hear that a lot when it comes to the caravan in Mexico.  The world is watching us.  My response is, so what, big deal, who cares.

Lets first tell some basic but forgotten and ignored truth.  The World is the reason that Central and South American nations are, to be blunt, shit holes.

The World watched as dictator after dictators ravaged their own countries and killed, exterminated, robbed, and depressed their own people.  The World just watched.  Sure, the World went to the United Nations and complained a little.  But did little if anything to stop those dictators.

The World watched as, over the last 70 years or so, dictators brought iron fist rulership over a vast number of people without doing a damn thing.

The World did little to nothing to help millions of people around the world live in freedom.  Even when the people of those nations cried out for help and expressed their desire for freedom and opportunity, the World just sat back and watched.

So now the World is watching how we handle the invasion from this Caravan.  My point is that the World is the reason these people now feel they need to invade our nation in search of a better life.

The United States has often done more than just watch.  We have acted.  Sometimes our actions were right and just.  Sometimes they were not.  The point is, we ACTED.  We didn’t just watch.

The United States, since World War II, has acted on behalf of people around the world.  Again, sometimes we got it right, sometimes we got it wrong.  But we didn’t just sit back and watch.

That action is why so many people around the world still want to come to the United States.  They have seen that we have acted to try and spread freedom and opportunity around the world.  The people of the world have seen that we have at least tried.  The people of the world have noticed we just didn’t talk, talk, talk.

While governments of the World watch, so do the people of the world.

The people of the world have watched and seen how others with harm, destruction and ill will have invaded some other nations under the white flag of peace claiming to be refugees seeking asylum.

The people of the world have seen great nations like France, Germany, Belgium, Sweeden, and Great Britain be overrun by those will ill intent.

Those of us in the United States have also have watched and witnessed the vast amount of destruction and cultural decay that follows this sort of invasion.  And we have decided that we don’t want the same to happen to our own nation.

Let me put it this way.  Much of the world does not want dictators so they flee their own nations for freedom.  The United States has always stood as a shining beacon of freedom for those who are willing to take advantage of that freedom, expand it and even export it back to their homeland.

Most immigrants understand we have laws and rules for legally immigrating to the USA.  They understand because their own nations have similar laws and rules.  Many nations around the world have strict laws and rules about their own citizens even having the opportunity to immigrate to another land, not just the USA.

In fact, we have seen over the last century that dictator types of nations have built walls and strong borders.  Not to keep people out.  Although it did work to keep many undesirables out.  They built those walls and barriers to keep people IN.

To this very day, nations like Cuba and China make it hard for people in their respective nations to immigrate out of those countries.

I still remember the time and era when people from the USSR would come to the West and they were either accompanied by government agents that made sure their citizens didn’t get too much Western culture and that they returned home.

If they were not accompanied by a government agent, their families back home were watched or placed under “house arrest” until they returned.  We heard a lot about people who defected to the West lamenting their decision because they got word from their homeland how badly family and friends were being treated.

And even back then, the World watched this happen and did little to nothing.

So the World is watching.  They are watching to see if the United States will follow the World into self-destruction or lead the world once again into freedom and opportunity.

The Central American Caravan is nothing more than an invasion.  An invasion of thought and belief that does not fit the American narrative.  It is an invasion and attack on American pride and leadership.

Do the people of the caravan want to become American and join in the most prosperous, most powerful nation this planet has ever seen or are they so bent on their jealousy which twists their actions into destruction and forced capitulation of accepting what they spent so much time and energy escaping?

Yes, the World is watching to see if they can topple the United States or if the United States will stand strong and once again lead the world in how best to administer freedom and opportunity.

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