Racist Republicans

There has been an ongoing conversation about race in the USA.  Actually, you could say it’s a continuation of the same debate that was part of the cause and reason for the American Civil War.

Somehow, Democrats have been able to take the high ground in this debate.  They claim to be the party that is the least racist.  The party that fights for racial equality and harmony.

But when you come down from 30,000 feet to 20,000 feet you begin to see a different picture.

As you get closer to ground level, you can see that everything Democrats say they are for is truly a lie.

I know, I know.  Lots of people classified as minorities in this nation will try to argue my points about how racist the Democrat Party, in general, really is, the fact remains the Democrat or, know officially as the Democratic Party, is the home of racism.

I won’t go into a full dissertation of the history of this group of people but I can give you a basic overview.  The Democrat Party is the same party of people that believed that Blacks and a few other brown skin people were only 3/5 human.

This is the same group of people that fought against Black and Human Civil Rights for nearly a full century after the end of the American Civil War.

I know this may be news to many folks under the age of 40 these days, but the historical facts are the historical facts and no matter what a Democrat says, they cannot change what actually happened from 1865 to 1965.

Yes, I know that the majority of Black and Brown people vote for them every election.  But that took a lot of work and a lot of PR and a lot of lies.

The lies were so convincing that today the majority of these minority people will claim that Democrats work for them and Republicans are the racist party and have always been the racist party.

When you press them and ask them to explain the Civil War and racists militant groups like the KKK, they simply claim that was long ago and all the racist went over to the Republicans in the 1960s after Dr. Martin Luther King and other successfully pressed Congress to pass the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.

But when you look at voter registrations, you see that is just not the case.  There never was a mass migration to the Republican Party.  The racists stayed within the Democratic Party.

Democrats have even lauded, applauded and protected members of their party who admitted to being unabashed KKK members.  Sen. Robert Bryd is one of the darkest examples.

President Lyndon B Jonhson is even on record, on tape claiming that his Welfare Program would get “Blacks” to vote Democrat for decades.  I don’t think even LBJ knew just how right he would be.

Sure, there are more white people on Federal welfare programs than Blacks but when you look at the percentage of the population, what you will find is that a far higher percentage of blacks are on these programs than whites.  And far more blacks are generationally stagnant on these programs than whites.

It was a program deliberately designed to bring Blacks back to the proverbial Plantation.  Not only would they return, but they would vote to keep it and vilify anyone who challenged it.  His plan worked.

But now, Blacks are beginning to see the Democrats for who they really are.  The true and real racists in this country.  Democrats have taken the Black vote for granted and believe they can do anything to Blacks they want and think that Blacks will still vote for them.

The new movement called #BLEXIT is real and is a real threat and danger to the Democrats.  The fact that a Republican named Donald J Trump is getting Black support has the Democrats scrambling.

But they are not too worried at this juncture.  Why?  Because Democrats have found a new source of power and wealth in Illegal Immigrants.  Which is why Democrats are so adamant about NOT building a secure Southern Border.

Illegal Aliens have a habit of taking opportunity from Blacks and other Brown people with similar skill level here in the USA.  Blacks, especially see this as a slight against them and, of course, seem to blame Republicans.

Well, that is what the Democrats want them to do.  However, when faced with reality and when they have to be honest, Blacks in the USA know that Republicans have nothing to do with open borders.

Blacks also know that at the moment they are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in the history of this nation.   Many are even beginning to question the Democratic Party response to this current booming economy.  Blacks are asking, why would you want to raise taxes if that is going to put people out of work?

Blacks are waking up to the fact that it is not, in general, the Republican Party or white Republicans that are the racists ones in our nation.  They are waking up to the fact that maybe, just maybe, the real racist political party today is the same one that held Blacks in bondage 140 years ago.

That party was and is the Democratic Party.  Period.

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