Solo Life

Americans are human.  Like every other nationality on the planet, we Americans are human.  That means we love, we cry, we hate, we laugh, and we even die.

Of course, some may think that statement is a bit harsh or negative or maybe even morbid.  Think what you want but that statement is true.

You see, we all like to think we live in a community.  We all like to think we are part of something greater than ourselves.  The raw truth is, we don’t. Even though humans are considered to be a pack animal, we are actually solitary creatures.

Let me explain.

We humans come into this world alone and naked and simple and innocent.  Even if you are a twin or triplet, you still come into the world one at a time and alone.  Being born is a solitary journey that we all must take.

When we die, it is personal.  Even if our surrounded by friends and family in a hospital room or on a battlefield, we take that journey alone.  

In between those two solo acts we live.  But we all live within ourselves. Nobody else can live our life.  Our life is solo no matter how many friends we have. It doesn’t matter if we live in a large city or a small town or on a rural off the grid farm.  We live our life inside our own minds.

This lonely life is not bad nor is it good.  It just is. But there is some good news here.  Every single creature on this planet lives a solo life.  

But here is where it gets interesting.  This is how life becomes interesting. In the United States of America, you have the choice of living that single and solo life as you see fit.  You choose to enjoy your life with others as you see fit.

Some of us have only a few or maybe even just one close friend.  Some of us may have many. Some of us may have one great love in our entire life.  Some of us may have many great loves. Some of us choose to live in a crowded city and enjoy it.  Some would rather live in near total solitude in a rural setting.

In every case, you, that single life, makes the determination of how you want to live your life.  

In the USA, we have a form of government that protects your ability to live your solo life as you choose to live it.  You don’t have someone breathing down your neck at every turn telling you what you can and cannot do.

But that solo life is in danger.  There are those who believe that you should live your solo life as part of a collective.  They don’t want you to think for yourself. They don’t think you can take care of yourself.  They don’t believe you have the ability to live your life without them.

Humanity has always had these people.  They constantly tell you to do as they say while they do something totally different.  They think the way to improve their life is to repress your ability to live yours.

We have given them names.  Often times they hate those names and try to erase them from the vocabulary or they try to redefine them.  They go by the names of;







In each and every case, they claim they are working for you.  They claim they are protecting you. They claim they are here to guide you.

The problem is you came into this world alone.  You were born with the ability to live your life solo.  You were given everything you need to live your life, solo.  

This natural ethic was realized by a group of men over 200 years ago when they wrote down on paper a form of government that insured you had the ability to live your own solo life.

But now we have people in government that say what all solo oppressors have said through the history of man.  They say you cannot live without them.

I ask you, where they with you when you were born?  Will they be with you when you die? Then why do they think they can force you to live with within between those two events?  

You were born to live a solo life.  And in order to do that, you need freedom.  And that is what they want to take from you.  Why? Because they cannot take your birth from you.  They cannot take your death from you.

But, they can take your life from you.  

Don’t you want to live?

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