It’s Late

It’s late on a Friday night and I am here at my computer pounding on the keys.  I know, many folks are still out at the bars and clubs getting their “weekend” on.  But, I am now too old for such foolishness.

Oh, sure, I had my fun back in the day.  I had a lot of weekend fun.  It is a young person right of passage.  And there is nothing wrong with it at all.

But as you get older, you discover there is more to life than trolling the local late-night watering hole.  At least for most of us anyway.

But, I am no longer twenty-something.  Those days are long gone.  I can’t bring them back no matter how much I work out.  And you can’t bring them back either.  No matter how much botox or plastic surgery you get.  (Pay attention to that Hollywood.)

So instead, I sit at home, drinking my scotch or wine with a lit cigar and I think and I write.

No, I don’t opine for days gone by.  I remember them with glee and appreciation.  It was a time in my life I would not trade for anything.  In fact, if I had it to do all over again, I dare say I would not change a thing.

I am old enough to have been able to experience an adult beverage legally at the age of 18.  So you could say my 20’s were from 18 until about 24.

Back then, New York did not raise the legal drinking age to 21 until I was that age.  I will save you from the math and history test.  That was 1986 when the legal age went north.

Back then I was age dumb and stupid.  I didn’t have a real care in the world outside of my grades in college.  Did I mention I screwed up my college years royally?  Like many, I did just that.

However, I still had the sense to get involved in student government.  Yea, that was an eye opener for sure.  I noticed people even then, that wanted to make government their career.  I actually feared for my country back then after encountering those individuals.

But, I thought things would be OK.  I thought they would not get far.  Our system would weed them out and send them packing.  I was so ignorant.

You see, those students became a part of the Deep State.  Although I don’t know for sure where any of them ended up, their type is what populates our government at all levels today.

Back in college I often had discussions with these people.  We debated why the college should not “crackdown” upon certain behaviors.  They wanted full control and I argued for freedom of choice.

I didn’t fully understand what being conservative was or meant back then.  But I do remember my professors telling me what I should think.  I even had an English professor tell me I should have been grateful for having been assigned my term paper topic.  My topic was on a black man named Arna Bontemps.

There was no Internet back in the day so I could not find all kinds of useless information on the man.  Instead, I was limited to written text.  No joke, there was only one book in the college library that mention him.

After hours of searching, I thought I finally found the holy grail.  The problem was there was only one paragraph written about the man.  One paragraph.  When I asked my professor for a new subject, that is when he said I should have been grateful.

How the hell was I going to write a 15-page term paper on one paragraph?  I thought I needed to expand my search.  So I went to a major university library.  I went to the city library.  I went to multiple libraries.

The most I got was that same single paragraph.  After driving around the county and spending hours and hours I returned to my professor.  It was two weeks later.  He would not budge.  He looked up at me from behind his desk and said: “if you can’t do it, drop the class”.

I had no choice.  I gave him his wish.  I dropped the class and had to retake it the following semester with a different professor.  That professor gave me the term paper topic of baseball.  And guess what?  I got a B on that one.  Yea I skated by.  But I was young and dumb.  If I worked as hard on the baseball paper as I did on Arna, I would have gotten an A.

A year after that class, the professor was fired.  The reason they gave in the school presser was that he was intolerant of the minority students.  That was code for being a racist ass-hole.  This was a man who loved Jimmy Carter and hated Ronald Reagan and said so almost every class.

I learned then that college was not for those that actually wanted to learn.  Instead, it was only for those who were willing to be indoctrinated.

What was my major in college?  Criminal Justice and Business Law.

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