The World Will End

This is for my White Supremacist followers. You are not superior.  You are super foolish.  You have let the people whom you hate, despise, take advantage of, surround you. The world was born out of Africa and the Middle East yet you think you are better.  You are not. Kings rose in Africa and the Middle East … Continue reading The World Will End



Weekend By Rod Eccles As I write this, it’s the beginning of the weekend.  An American weekend.  It’s not the heart of summer.  It’s not a holiday.  But it’s a celebration in any event. It’s an American weekend.  Americans will be out mowing their laws, doing maintenance on their homes, working on their cars, spending … Continue reading Weekend

The Conspiracy Of US

Democrats claim that they are for the common man because they want the rich man to pay his “fair share” of taxes. While they claim this, it is interesting to note that Democrats have raised the tax rates on the poor and middle class far more often than Republicans.