Congress Take Away My Health Insurance

I want Congress to take away my Health Insurance.  Really. Originally Published March 2015 By Rod Eccles   Here it is.  The end of another January.  The latest State of the Union Speech has come and gone.  And as usual, at least with this president, we saw and heard a big child giving a demanding … Continue reading Congress Take Away My Health Insurance


Good vs. Evil

Good vs Evil By Rod Eccles There is a new hit TV show on network television.  Many of you have probably seen a few episodes.  Even I have watched it with earnest.  The Orville.  It is basically a new version of Star Trek.  This version, however, is not created by the famous Gene Roddenberry of … Continue reading Good vs. Evil

Sitting On The American Balcony

I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the very blue Caribbean waters on a very large ship. I am on a 7 day voyage also known as a cruise. Now I am not trying to brag, just set the tone. On this ship there are some 4,000 plus passengers. These passengers are from all around the world. I have met and spoken with folks from Canada, Barbados, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and a few other places.